Felony PTI for Drug Offenses

If you were charged with a qualifying third-degree felony drug possession offense, you might be eligible for a felony pre-trial intervention (PTI) diversion program in Fort Lauderdale or Broward County, FL.

Entering a felony PTI program for a felony drug offense comes with many pros and cons. An attorney can help you understand your rights and the best way to fight the charges.

The attorneys at Bacchus Law Firm are also experienced representing clients charged with more serious crimes for sale or delivery of any controlled substance prohibited by Chapter 893, Florida Statute, which are typically not eligible for any type of diversion program.

Eligibility Requirements for the Felony PTI Drug Program

The PTI program for drug offenses has several eligibility requirements based on the pending charge or your past criminal record. Many types of drug possession crimes are not eligible for Broward County’s pre-trial intervention diversion program including possession of:

  • One-half gram or more of cocaine;
  • Heroin;
  • PVP;
  • Methamphetamine; or
  • LSD.

Also, a defendant is not eligible to enter PTI if the facts or circumstances of the case indicate that the defendant was involved in dealing drugs or trafficking.

While you are in the PTI Drug Program, you will be subject to random drug testing. If you test positive for drugs, a single positive drug test will not necessarily cause a defendant to be dismissed from the program.

A person who is dismissed from the felony PTI program may still be eligible to participate in Drug Court. In fact, if you are charged with a drug crime and rejected from the felony PTI program, you will automatically be referred to Drug Court in Broward County, FL. 

Problems with Entering Felony PTI in Broward County

Other problems with entering PTI revolve around all of the rights you must give up to enter the program including:

  • giving up your right to remain silent regarding the facts and circumstances related to the offense for which you have been arrested/charged; and
  • waiving your right to a speedy trial.

You must also provide a written statement admitting that you are guilty of the crime which often could be used against you if you later decide not to complete the program. 

Attorneys for Felony PTI Drug Crimes in Fort Lauderdale

If you are charged with a third degree felony drug crime and are considering a felony PTI diversion program, first seek out the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney to learn more about the pros and cons of entering such a program.

The facts and circumstances in your particular case must be carefully considered. Call the drug crime attorneys in Fort Lauderdale at Bacchus Law Firm before you make a decision. We can help you understand the unique options open to so-called "first time offender" charged with a felony offense in Florida.

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This article was last updated on Thursday, November 10, 2017.