Changing Your Name After Divorce

In some ways, getting a divorce can feel like a reversion or a step back. For others, a dissolution of marriage can feel like a new beginning. In this life-altering process, some people decide to retain their marital name. Whether it is for professional reasons or the person simply does not want to go through the hassle of switching documents, the decision to change one's name is a personal one.

Florida law allows a party to a divorce, wishing to return to their marital name, to change their name during the divorce proceedings in the petition for dissolution of marriage.

Divorce can be hectic, however, and often times, changing a name is the last thing on a person's mind. If a party to a divorce puts off name changing and the divorce proceedings close, then the party will have to change his or her name through a separate proceeding.

Contrary to belief, your name does not automatically revert to your maiden name when you divorce, you must obtain an order. You cannot legally change your name without a court order.

Attorney for Changing Your Name in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Divorce proceedings contain so many details, and there is so much for the parties to accomplish, that changing one's name is often forgotten. If you or someone you know missed their chance to change their name during divorce proceedings or later discovered that they would prefer using their maiden name, then contact the experienced family law attorneys at Bacchus Law Firm.

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Name Change after Divorce Proceedings

If after a divorce is final you later decide that you want to return to your maiden name, you may be able to contact the court where you filed for a divorce and request to amend your Florida divorce decree to allow for your name to be changed.

If the court denies the change, however, then the petitioner must file a Florida Petition for a Name Change. Unless the petitioner plans to return to a former name, he or she must submit fingerprints for a State and National Crime record's check.

After the criminal check, the petitioner must request a hearing. During which, the judge will decide whether to grant the order for a name change.

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Additional Resources

Petition for Name Change Form 12.982 – Visit Florida, the official website dedicated to providing accessible information about the Florida Court system to Florida citizens, to find the official petition to change your name after divorce proceedings have ended.

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If you or someone you know needs their name changed after the dissolution of marriage or someone who is having trouble changing their name during the marriage in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, or East Naples, Florida, contact the attorneys at Bacchus Law Firm.

Our attorneys are experienced family law lawyers who have handled divorce proceeds from start to finish and are well versed in the various issues that arise when getting a divorce. Our lawyers can help change you change your name or keep it in the event of a divorce.

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